No Fixed Abode

Created by And Many Others

A performance about homelessness and belonging, based on real experiences of loneliness and helplessness whilst sleeping rough on the streets of London. A glimpse of a world that seems far away but is in fact just around the corner.

“I’ve begged for money, I’ve made a bed in front of a supermarket, I’ve been dirty and hungry and I’m still scared in the dark. It meant nothing. But this does: a story about belonging and possessions, inspired by the homeless people that live on our streets.”

Annemiek lived on the streets for 48 hours. There she became friends with Dave, a homeless ex-soldier who changed her life. Now she is trying to change his, by sharing her experience underlined by his story and that of many others.

No Fixed Abode is a solo performance by a young woman who lived a life that wasn’t hers to catch a glimpse of the underprivileged and under-acknowledged existence of the homeless. By exploring the meaning of home, possessions and belonging, she shows a different world. A world which feels so far away but is in fact just around the corner. Showing the gap between Annemiek’s life and the people she met on the streets makes it an honest, funny and touching performance.

Shows conclude with a Q&A where Dave and Annemiek discus their experience shown in the documentary Cardboard Streets.

Devised by Annemiek van Elst
Co-written and dramaturgy by Claudia Marinaro
In collaboration with Dave (last name left out for protection)
Commissioned by Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Camden People’s Theatre (January 2016)
Theaterfestival Boulevard (August 2015)
The Ophelia Theatre (September 2014)
198 Gallery Brixton (September 2014)
The Unresolved Festival (July 2014)

No Fixed Abode – photo by James Reynolds
No Fixed Abode – photo by James Reynolds